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Fiber Optic Assemblies

Fan in/ Fan out
Multi-fiber pigtails
Custom single-fiber assemblies
Standard patch cords


Can be ordered factory assembled into a FDF or as a separate item
Cable length are adjustable on users demand
Individual fibers are color-coded, have a diameter of 900.
Each connector comes complete with strain relief boots
Shipping container includes the exact measured values for insertion and return loss
Connectors ensure high repeatability, improved stability of system


Outer Jacket 4.6mm/4.8mm/6.0mm
T/C Jacket 0.9mm
T/C Color Blue,orange,green,red,yellow,violet Type 1
Brown,black,White,gray,aqua,pink Type 2
Ferrule Zirconia ceramic
Typical Loss .0.5 dB
Return Loss ≥ 40 dB PC type
≥ 60 dB APC type
Operating Temperature -30, to 50.
Installation Temperature 10. to 45.
Connector Type SC,FC,ST,LC,MU