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Fiber Laser

made by fiber professional, made for you

Application:Metal cutting / welding, Drilling, Annealing, Rapid prototyping, Engraving, Marking, Micro machining, Scribing

Fiber lasers are rapidly gaining popularity for industrial applications such as marking, micro machining, welding and cutting. This is due to the excellent beam quality, high wall-plug efficiency and superior reliability compared to conventional lasers. Fujikura and our subsidiary company "Optoenergy Inc." are bringing our combined technical expertise to the world of Fiber Lasers.
We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of optical fibers and one of the significant players concerning fiber technologies. Our experiences with fiber design, optical amplifiers, fusion splicing and optical components provides a wealth of experiences with fiber related technologies. Optoenergy Inc, is the world leader in high power semiconductor lasers.
The Fujikura Group manufactures all of the key components for every laser we produce in Japan, guaranteeing reliability and quality throughout. We already an extensive lineup of fiber lasers including:- pulsed, Q-switched, medium power CW, wavelength-conversion systems and kilowatt fiber lasers. Our engineering teams provide full technical support, enabling us to meet the diverse needs of our customers with the service they expect from a world-class technology manufacturer.

Technology:High reliability, high stability, and high tolerance for back reflection based on original fiber technology

Maintain vertically integrated elements and basic technologies

? Possess all the technologies required for fiber lasers, including optical fibers, semiconductor lasers, and optical components.

? Possess numerous patents for original technologies. Consistently retains a top-level international patent score.

Deliver superior process stability

? Beam profile stability

? Original fiber and optical component technologies and manufacturing stability

? Reflection resistance
-Incorporates original countermeasures as well as the general interlock function which is activated by reflected light.

? Operation and temperature stability
-Provides superior temperature stability employing the LD module design, optical circuit design, and original thermal management.
- Delivers fiber lasers with small individual differences in mass production.

Service:Solution providing for laser material processing based on expertise

Maintain a high level of reliability

? Vertical integration system
- Analizes failure mode by tracing back (by utilizing the features of originally manufactured parts) to identify the specific components which caused the problem.
-Establishes reliability through both theoretical and manufacturing verification.

System for maintenance and support

? Maintenance and repair system in Japan.
-Minimizes lost client opportunities.

? Originally customized oscillator and peripheral options adapted the needs of each customer.
-Supports quickly for setting the laser processing conditions of each customer.