Product code : RİİMMV

With its high capacity, compact design the Rosenberger DCS is perfect for space-confined high voltage applications where direct connection is a prerequisite. With a cable cross-section of just 70 mm² the current carrying capacity is 340 A at 85 °C, making it ideal for battery charging or enabling direct connection between the battery and motor components used in electric vehicles.


  • Current capacity (70 mm²) 340 A at 85 °C
  • Working voltage 1000 V DC
  • Test voltage 4300 V DC
  • Temperatur range -40 °C to +130 °C
  • IP Class mated acc. to IPX6K9K / IPXXD
  • Vibration class acc. to LV215 PG17–II
  • Cross sections 35 mm², 50 mm², 70 mm²
  • Disconnectable version under development