BS Telecom Engineering & Consultancy Industry Trade Ltd. is an international company serving to the international market for variety of needs of the Customers. The Company is dedicated itself to the development of bilateral and multi-lateral trades among reputable manufacturers and international clients. It integrates the procurement of resources, research and development, production, import and export trade and marketing of finished products, with its import and export business focusing on the related technologies and products such as energy and telecom products, raw material outsourcing for the cable industry, special fibers for decorative purpose and special industrial applications, telecom field installation equipments and other field of activities like mining and machinery industry as well. Along with its active market development in trading of products; engineering services in energy and telecommunication field, consultancy services, product inspection, company auditing services, technology transfer for the cable production are also included in our scope of business. We also offer customized OEM services according to client's requirements and design. Our staff has extensive experience with the international trading, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. A team work spirit is constituted and will handle all the operations in a professional way which ensures consistent and confident support to the clients. The main objective of the Company is to become a relaible and long term partner to the Cooperating companies and to create strategic partnerships.

Our Philosophy

To satisfy the customer requirements with highest quality performance on time with reliable and high quality products, services and solutions.

To share the experience and knowledge with the customers and manufacturers to mutually benefit the business and creating an international and continuous brand in the power and telecom markets.

Our Quality Policy

The main objective of BS Telekom is to create high quality products & solutions for its Customers to meet all the required conditions of the modern technology & Customers’ expectations. Meanwhile, we are aware of our responsibility for our employees’ health, social awareness & happiness. The happy working atmosphere is a key for the success.

Our Environmental Policy

The goal of BS Telekom is to create an environment - friendly high-tech solutions. We act with the principle to obey all the rules in order not to pollute our environment. Our environmental policy is based on economic and ecological efficiency principles.