FOCIS Flex - No Wireless

Product code : ELKAPA

The FOCIS Flex NW addresses the need of network maintenance contractors operating in secure environments, where devices emitting radio frequency (RF) communication signals are prohibited, such as government and defense facilities and restricted private enterprisenetwork facilities. The FOCIS Flex NW removes, in both hardware and software, Bluetooth and WiFi communications transceiver functions. The FOCIS Flex NW includes internal storage for 10,000 ferrule end-face images and pass/fail results, as well as a USB mass storage device interface, so that inspection results can be transferred at the end of the workday.


  • Removes Bluetooth and WiFi features for secure network facility compliance
  • Auto-focus and auto-centering for fast, easy inspection
  • Untethered operation simplifies access at patch panels
  • IEC, IPC and user-defined pass/fail analysis