Factory assembled FO breakout cables

Product code : KW5DAP

PreCONNECT® BREAKOUT are our factory assembled, robust fiber-optic breakout cables with up to 24 fibers. The solution is suitable for fast, simple and secure Plug & Play installation of less fibers of short lengths. The both-sided PreCONNECT® square-interface enables tool-less mounting by simple hook-in in PreCONNECT® 19" panels and universal holders. Fields of application for the fiber optic breakout cabling system are data centers and their IT rooms, data center containers and EDGE computing sites.

  • For few numbers of fibers and short lengths:
  • Trunks up to 24 fibers
  • Practical lengths: Cost comparison by break-even calculation versus PreCONNECT® STANDARD
  • Migration to MPO based parallel optics applications possible by using Migration-Harnesses
  • 19“ Panel systems in two different types, modular SMAP-G2 and basic distribution panels selectable