FDD+TDD Hybrid Solutions

Product code : W1FNVS

Rosenberger has developed several TDD beam-forming antennas and hybrid FDD+TDD antennas consisting of 8T8R TDD antennas with 4 ports of FDD low band. Various FDD port configurations are possible, such as 4 ports for low band and 6 ports for high band. The TDD array in this 18-port antenna may operate in B40 (2,300 MHz), B41 (2,500 MHz), or B42/B43 (3,500 MHz band).


  • Supporting TDD beamforming
  • Providing a cost-effective alternative to massive MIMO
  • Supporting both TDD and FDD standards
  • Embedded RET, Field Exchangeable
  • Low PIM, high gain, high efficiency, good coverage
  • Small size, low weight, compact structure, easy installation