Product code : FDCTNL

Based on the SMA connector standard, Rosenberger QMA connectors are designed for applications up to 18 GHz. The quick-lock mechanism enables easy and reliable connections in the tightest of spaces – primarily in mobile base stations – and 10 times faster compared to SMA offerings. Packing density is also superior to SMA due to the minimum pitch and toolless connection, dispensing with the need for torque spanners for fastening coupling nuts. Rosenberger offers QMA as standard version and with plastic quick-lock mechanisms in four different color codings. QMA is not intermateable with SMA.

  • Impedance 50 Ω
  • Interface according to IEC 61169-50
  • Frequency range DC to 18 GHz
  • Return loss (cable connector straight): ≥ 32 dB @ DC to 3 GHz; ≥ 25 dB @ 3 GHz to 6 GHz
  • Minimum pitch 12.4 mm
  • Flexibility 360° turnable
  • Mating cycles ≥ 100
  • Quick-lock mechanism