Coax Jumpers - Superior Performance up to 6 GHz

Product code : FVYMED

Rosenberger coaxial jumpers have been designed using the many years of experience gained by Rosenberger engineers in this field. The unique knowledge of designing and manufacturing world-leading PIM testing equipment is directly reflected in the jumpers. Rosenberger jumpers have the industry-best PIM levels: -117 dBm / -160 dBc @ 2 x 20 W (typ. -120 dBm / -163 dBc @ 2 x 20 W). These excellent levels are guaranteed for every assembly that leaves the Rosenberger production facility.


  • Traceability - Rosenberger jumpers are individually tested for return loss and PIM. Test data can be retrieved in 3 ways:
  • By scanning in the data matrix code on the jumper packaging
  • By scanning in the bar code on the jumper itself
  • By entering the serial number on mdm.rosenberger.com