Fujikura DSSCs (Boyaya Duyarlı Güneş Pilleri)

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The Cost And Labor Entailed In Battery Replacement In Sensor Terminals Is An Important Issue For IoT Adoption

Streamlining and automation initiatives that utilize IoT sensing are being advanced in various situations all around us. While cheap, easy-to-install battery-powered sensor terminals are employed for proof of concept, when it comes to practical application, the cost and labor that accompany battery replacement become important issues in adoption.

Fujikura DSSCs Solve These Problems

Fujikura DSSCs make battery-less sensor terminals a reality. The time and effort associated with battery replacement is becoming more noticeable as IoT sensing expands, its applications become more diverse, and the number of sensors terminals increases. DSSCs, which are able to generate power in all environments, can be employed in a wide array of situations.

Fujikura DSSC  Features

IoT sensor terminals are characterized by utilization in every kind of location imaginable. For this reason, any power source that aims to replace batteries must be able to generate power in any kind of location.

DSSCs are optimal devices for supplying power to IoT sensor terminals because in addition to being able to generate power over a wide range of lighting and temperature conditions, their incorporation into sensor terminals makes installation easy.