TTK 500

Ürün Kodu : PAMBFN

SM / MM Test & Inspection Kit

ODM’s TTK 500 provides test technicians and contractors with high-end hardware and software to guarantee industry standard compliance in fiber optic-based telecommunications. The TTK 500 contains all equipment necessary to inspect, clean, and test fiber optic cables, while ODM’s proprietary software allows for professional closeout reporting. The VIS 300 Monitor and Fiber Inspection Scope allow testers to evaluate and grade connector endfaces using IEC standards before joining fibers, guaranteeing a clean and reliable optical connection. To properly clean connector endfaces that fail to meet the IEC standard, the TTK 500 contains a complete system of “one-click” dry cleaners and the SqR Cleaning Pad with Fiber Wash Pen for wet/dry cleaning. When used correctly, these tools can clean endfaces to meet the IEC 61300-3-35 industry standard. The RP 460 Optical Power Meter, when used in conjunction with the DLS 355 or DLS 350 Light Sources, offers complete end-to-end dB loss readings for the most commonly used transmission wavelengths for wireless carriers. The RP 460 stores thousands of readings in non-volatile memory, so technicians can be sure that all data is secure. The Optical Power Meter can be used in conjunction with InSpec™ software to provide live readings for image archiving and closeout loss reports. USB Connectivity & ODM Software Package Provide Simple Plug & Play Image Storage for Closeout Reports Comprehensive PASS / FAIL Analysis Compliant with IEC 61300-3-35 Industry Standards Optical Power Meter Can Archive & Live-Stream Data via USB Two Included Light Sources Provide Standard Wavelengths for Testing Loss in Single Mode & Multi-Mode Systems Includes All Patch Cords & Adapters Compatible with SC & LC Connector Systems Complete Dry & Dry/Wet Cleaning System Ensures Removal of Even the Toughest Endface Contaminants Includes Materials for Up to 1,000 Connector Cleanings