UPM 100

Ürün Kodu : İYUVW4

USB Power Meter

ODM’s UPM 100 USB Power Meter is used with ODM software to capture dB loss readings in optical fiber systems. The UPM’s compact size and “plug and play” configuration make it the perfect tool for loss testing at any site; simply plug it into your computer’s USB port and begin testing. Compatible with ODM InSpec® and OpTest software, the UPM 100 transmits a continuous stream of data, refreshing every second to ensure the most accurate reading possible. Users can save readings based on carrier or build-specific guidelines, and results displayed in red or green help testers easily identify acceptable and unacceptable dB loss measurements. The UPM 100 is fully compatible with the ODM PA 255B Portable Access Device and InSpec® application, allowing for wireless inspection and testing with a smartphone or tablet. Connects to PCs & Tablets via USB Transmit Live dB & dBm Readings for Storage or Closeout Reporting Set Reference / Zero Functionality Incoming 2 kHz Signal Audible Alert Compatible with All Connector Styles Single Mode or Multi-Mode Testing