Ürün Kodu : V7SYG2

Automated Fiber Test Platform

The new VIS 300C from ODM provides handheld, all-in-one fiber testing for field and lab applications. This system brings together the most effective methods for verifying fiber connections to yield simple and repeatable test results. The VIS 300C platform helps streamline fiber testing processes through an easy results-saving and reporting system. The 5-inch touch-based user interface allows users to quickly switch between inspecting fiber endfaces, testing with an optical power meter, and troubleshooting via an onboard VFL. Test results are compiled in project folders which can be immediately synthesized into closeout reports at the touch of a button. The included Wi-Fi functionality allows users to send reports directly to the customer’s inbox or cloud storage folder for instantaneous deliverables. This portable test platform allows technicians to bring ODM’s trusted test equipment with them wherever they go. Equally ideal for testing fiber on a cell tower or in a laboratory, the VIS 300C delivers exceptional results every time. The VIS 300C comes with a high-definition microscope with 4 standard inspection tips, a portable carry-bag, and protective travel case. If an OPM is included with the VIS 300C, the OPM will have a 2.5mm universal patch cord adapter attached. If included, the optional VFL will have a 2.5mm universal interface. Additional adapters are available for the inspection scope, OPM, and VFL. Portable Testing Device with Inspection Scope & Built-In Optical Power Meter & VFL Automated Analysis Compliant with IEC 61300-3-35 Standards 5” (12.7 cm) Multi-Touch LCD Display Test Result Sharing via Wi-Fi or USB Cable to PC Connection Expansive Storage & Instant Reports with Custom Parameters