Large Core Optical Fibers (Energy Transmission, Signal Transmission)

Product code : HRUPYA

Fujikura's large core optical fibers are made of silica glass, thus have excellent transmission characteristics over the selected wavelength range, one is from UV to VIS, the other is from VIS to NIR. Moreover with its large core size it also can transmit high energy density of laser beam, which is demanded for applications of laser processing, laser therapy, optical sensors and spectral analyzers of weak light.

  • High Energy Density of Optical Transmission
  • Excellent Optical Transmission Characteristics with the Wavelength Range Selectively from UV to VIS and from VIS to NIR.
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Heat Resistance
  • Radiation Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Applicable for Biocompatibility (USP classⅥ)