Mass Fusion Splicer 41R

Product code : 6WSİHO

The 41R is a equipped with good mobility and our wireless communication function, “Active Blade Management Technology”, where the splicer is connected to and monitors the fiber cleaver and ribbon fiber stripper With Active Blade Management Technology, it is far easier to maintain high quality fiber preparation. This product monitors every fiber’s end shape to assess the cleave quality. If the cleaved fiber is bad due to a worn blade position, this product sends a command to the fiber cleaver to rotate to the next viable blade position. The cleaver then executes the blade rotation automatically via an internal motor. This functionality greatly prevents operators from making a bad splice due to a worn out blade position. In addition, both the heating temperature and heating time of the ribbon fiber stripper are automatically changed according to the splice mode setting.

  • Real-time arc discharge control by analyzing the arc’s brightness intensity, to help with optimal splice loss.
  • Universal splicer & accessories for 200 µm and 250 µm coating diameters of Spider Web Ribbon.
  • Automatic tube heater start for protection sleeve shrinking.
  • Portable splicer work tray within the carrying case.
  • Tool-less replaceable electrodes.
  • 4.9 inches with touch screen