CCT Bağlayıcı Temizleme İpuçları

Ürün Kodu : 3DOPBP

CCT Connector Cleaning Tips are a unique technology in fiber connector end-face cleaning. Rather than a fabric-covered or foam-covered stick, CCTs are molded cleaning tips that trap contamination and wick cleaning solvents away from connector end-faces. These tips use a molded, sintered polymer that is both porous and pliable, conforming to virtually any fiber end-face polish geometry while trapping and absorbing contaminants. Designed to be used with AFL's FCC2 Connector Cleaning Fluid for consistent and reliable connector cleaning results. CCT Connector Cleaning Tips offered by AFL are intended for cleaning the ferrule end-faces in adapters and sockets, as well as the exposed ferrules and termini of jumpers. CCTs are available for most commercial and Military Specification ferrule sizes.


  • Quality construction with unlimited shelf life
  • Molded sintered polymer construction assures perfect bulkhead fit and consistent performance
  • Traps and holds liquid and particle contaminants in an absorbent open cell matrix ranging from 10-25 microns
  • No fibers, binders, adhesives or outgassing that may contaminate the connector