Ürün Kodu : FLRQXE

The Sticklers™ brand CleanWipes™ are a convenient cleaning tool designed for high-speed cleaning of optical jumpers and patch cords. Its designs enables technicians to clean fiber optic end-faces at the lowest possible cost per clean. The exclusive, static-dissipative, high-modulus fabric cleaning material will not tear or shred away even when cleaning LC connectors. The highly absorbent material is very soft, will not scratch connectors and delivers superior cleaning results. The color-coded CleanSots™ tracks remind technicians to never re-use a wipe, eliminating cross-contamination. The box design also eliminates the chance of cleaning on an already used wipe and minimizes fingertip contamination. The CleanWipes™ system offers a simple, fast and disciplined cleaning process that delivers perfectly clean connectors. Better cleaning makes networks run faster and avoids expensive service calls.


  • High-modulus cleaning material won’t rip, tear, shred, or lint
  • Super-soft material won’t scratch end-faces
  • Static-dissipative material eliminate static
  • Color-coded CleanSlots™ monitor the cleaning process