OPM5 and OPM4 Optical Power Meters

Ürün Kodu : UHC5TR

FEATURES: Rugged, dependable, and backed by industry-best 5-year warranty Wave ID tests up to three wavelengths simultaneously - slashing test time Field-swappable connector adapters for maximum flexibility Long battery life from globally available AA batteries APPLICATIONS: Passive Optical Networks (PON) testing OPM(5/4)-4D (Filtered-InGaAs) for high power (+26 dBm) CATV broadband networks or DWDM system applications OPM(5/4)-3D (InGaAs) for telecommunications networks OPM(5/4)-2D (Ge) for premises LAN/WAN multimode or single-mode networks


AFL is a trusted supplier of optical testing equipment with more than 30 years of experience and tens of thousands of units in use in the field.  AFL’s full range of power meters are used for testing single-mode and/or multimode fiber networks. Power meters with wave ID can detect two or more wavelengths simultaneously – decreasing test time and reducing user errors when paired with AFL wave ID light sources.


Designed for the real world: AFL’s power meters are designed to meet the demands of the outside plant environment. They withstand the one-meter drop test and have splash resistant controls that are easy to use, even with gloves on.


Flexible and efficient: A range of field-swappable output adapters enables access for cleaning optical ports and supports multiple connector styles. The efficient design provides long test time from globally available AA batteries. Equipped with five-minute auto-off feature to save power.


Reduce test time and errors: Wave ID (Triple, Dual, or Single) decreases test time while reducing technician errors.


Stores test results: AFL’s OPM5 stores optical reference at each calibrated wavelength. This enables technicians to organize test results into multiple files and transfer stored results via USB to the included PC-based TRM® 3.0 software for analyzing, generating reports, and printing. Users can generate network Pass/Fail results demonstrating compliance to industry standards and illustrate headroom. Fully N.I.S.T. traceable.

OPM5 is also compatible with the FlexReporter software suite to provide a simple-to-use, high performance cloud enabled reporting platform. FlexReporter combines FlexApp, a mobile App that wirelessly transfers test results to FlexReporter-Cloud from the field with FlexReports, a fast, comprehensive, 3-step PC software reporting solution. The FlexReporter software suite was developed to make the complicated task of reporting faster, simpler, and easy-to-use.


See specification sheet for full list of models and optional accessories.