5G Anten Çözümleri

Ürün Kodu : 9ZK6RC

Rosenberger supplies massive MIMO, beam-forming, small cells, and twin-beam antenna solutions for 5G applications. Massive MIMO antennas operate in B40 (2,300 MHz), B41 (2,500 MHz) and B42/43 (3,500 MHz). Rosenberger has partnered with two key OEM suppliers to develop 5G massive MIMO AASs in more than 10 projects, and it is also the preferred partner for one of the OEM main suppliers of 5G antenna designs.


  • Providing Massive MIMO solutions
  • Less interference
  • Increasing the channel capacity
  • Low PIM, high gain, high efficiency, good coverage
  • Small size, low weight, compact structure, easy installation