Optical Fiber Recoater FSR-06

Product code : UOSY7B

FSR-06 is a model which has a recoater and proof tester with a linear clamping system. This model is appropriate for devices which conformation of reliability is required.

  • High quality shape of recoating
  • Automated easy operation
  • Colored and non-colored fiber recoating capability
  • Various sizes of mold are available(195 μm, 255 μm, 280 μm, 320μm, 450 μm, 670 μm, 1000 μm)
  • Easy mold, resin, and pump exchange
  • New bubble catching system removes potentially trapped bubbles before the mold
  • Programmable resin injection quantities
  • Compatible with special recoating resins to provide higher stiffness recoating of 900 μm jacketed fibers.
  • Selectable proof-tester
  • PC interface with USB