Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer 45S Kit

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Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer 45S Kit The 45S is the essential splicer based on active clad alignment technology with features, Fast Operation, User-friendly Design, Versatile Functionality and Consistent Quality.


Faster operation

■Simultaneous fiber preparation

Fiber preparation, stripping, cleaving, and setting in the splicer usually needs repeating separately for both left and right-side fibers. The 45S process does away with that and enables simultaneous fiber preparation thanks to the new SS05 double fiber stripper, the new AD-16A fiber adapter for the CT50 cleaver and the clever set plate mechanism of the 45S itself.

●Simultaneous fiber stripping

The SS05 fiber stripper is equipped with four blades: ① for 2mm/3mm, ② for 900µm,
③④ for 250µm fibers. Using blades ③ & ④ allows simultaneous stripping of 250µm fibers.


Fiber Stripper SS05

●Simultaneous fiber cleaving

The new AD-16A fiber adapter for the CT50 cleaver is equipped with two grooves. Placing one fiber in each groove provides simultaneous cleaving.

Optical Fiber Cleaver  CT50

●Simultaneous fiber setting

Previous fusion splicers required two-handed operation to close fiber clamp and hold the fiber. Thanks to a new clamp mechanism, the 45S close with fiber setting and provides one-handed fiber setting and simultaneous fiber setting.

New clamp mechanism 

Previous Model





Simultaneously fiber setting

■Faster fiber transportation time

The 45S is equipped with a mechanism linking the wind protector and fiber clamp so when you open wind protector, the fiber clamps opens automatically.
The 45S is also equipped with retention clamps which are reputed by our conventional fusion splicer models. The retention clamps prevent the fiber from jumping out after the fiber clamps are opened.
These mechanisms work in tandem to provide easy fiber handling and a reduction in the time it takes to transfer the fiber to the heater.

 Interlocking mechanism with fiber clamp

Fiber retention clamps

■Faster heating time

The heater for shrinking the reinforcing sleeve is designed to heat the reinforcing sleeve between two heaters in the front and rear. It shorten 15% of the heating time in case of using FP-03 sleeve.

※Measured at room temperature with the AC adapter. The heat time is defined from the start beep sound to the finish beep sound. The average heat time changes depending on the environmental conditions, sleeve type and battery pack condition. In addition, since the heating operation is constantly optimized, the average heating time changes depending on the usage conditions of the fusion splicer.

■30% faster than previous model

Thanks to the way the 45S streamlines the preparation process, reduces transport time and delivers faster heating, it is 30% faster than the 41S+ it replaces.

User-friendly design

■Movable LCD Monitor

The 45S is equipped with a 4.95 inches size movable LCD monitor.
It provides visibility especially for outside use even though under the sunshine.

■Easy Sleeve Positioning

The space between the edges of the left and right fiber clamp edges is 60mm, as per the image to the left.
This distance allows for easy sleeve positioning, with the splice point positioned in the middle of the sleeve.
The scale on the heater shows the guide for other sleeve lengths, for example 40mm.

■Removable battery

■Cubic Shape

The removable battery makes replacement easy and convenient.

The cube shape provides a reduced base area while also giving the user a large operating space.

Previous Model

40% reduced base areas


■Carrying case with Work Tray

The configurable 45S carrying case provides various usage configurations.

Configuration example 1
Open the carry case and
start operation.

Configuration example 2
Remove the work tray and put on top of the carry case.

Removing the work tray from the carry case allows the tray to expand. Using the work tray with the strap provides a portable work surface and the strap can be fixed to the work tray at the sides of the splicer to secure the usability

Secure working space

Increased security when used with a belt

Consistent quality

■Active Fusion Control


The 45S is equipped with Fujikura Active Fusion Control Technology, which analyses the fiber image during fusion and controls the arc discharge accordingly. The result is stable splice loss irrespective of the environment.

●Control by Fiber Cleaved Surface

A bad cleave end face is a potential reason for high splice loss. The 45S can address this because it’s equipped to control fusion according to the condition of the cleaved surface. This function helps reduce splice loss by compensating for poor cleaves.

Splicing loss of cleave angle fiber: 3°<θ<5°

*Fujikura test result of ITU-T G652 fibers measured by cut-back method.
The splice loss may vary depending on operating environment or fiber characteristic.

●Real-time fusion control

The 45S analyses the fiber image during fusion and controls fusion power according to the real-time condition of the fiber. This helps to minimize splice loss irrespective of the environment.

This process also provides Warm Splice Image (WSI) technology. WSI analyses during the splice and provides loss estimation, even though the 45S is a clad alignment splicer.
It would help to prevent the case of “good loss estimation but bad actual loss”.

             Analyzing fiber image during fusion


■Active Blade Management

The 45S monitors the blade condition of the CT50 cleaver via wireless communication. When the 45S judges that the blade is worn, it will command the CT50 to rotate the blade to a new position to ensure the CT50 keeps delivering consistent cleaving performance.

Additional features

■Splice+ apps

The Splice+ app provides convenient splicer management by wireless communications, between the 45S and mobile phone.

●Smart Lock

A break in the pairing of wireless communication between
the splicer and mobile phone can lock the splicer which
prevents misuse and works as an anti-theft measure.

●Data Management

The data management function retrieves data from the splicer and saves it to the cloud. This data can include the GPS data of a phone, which is useful for splicer operation management.

You can find and obtain Splice+ App from Google Play and App Strore.

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