CS-1 Pamuklu Çubuklar

Ürün Kodu : D2MS7E

Today’s splicing equipment is fast, efficient, and requires minimal maintenance due to advances in splicing technology. However, environmental contamination, such as dust, dirt, and fiber coating debris, as well as, the silica deposits generated during the fusion process eventually find their way to the optical elements and v-grooves. This contamination will offset the fibers and degrade performance. Thorough cleaning of a fusion splicer’s optical elements and alignment V-grooves is critical to ensure successful trouble-free splicing operations. CS-1 Cotton Swabs are especially useful for such cleaning operations. The small size of the CS-1 swabs ensures accessibility in tight places and will not leach out chemicals or lint and contaminate optical elements.


  • Lint-free with not contaminate optical elements
  • Small size to access tight places